Become a Member

Option #1: For: Instant Approval – This option ensures the quickest way to become a Starbuds member and if you have any of these documents you don’t need to think twice about OPTION 2 or OPTION 3!

Provide StarBuds with a copy of either a Practitioners Confirmation of Diagnosis Form or Release of Information Form which you can print off and take to a physician to have completed.

You may also provide other medical or miscellaneous documents such as:

Please Note: All medical or other documents are “pending upon approval” until a Starbuds employee is able to verify/approve it to meet Starbuds criteria.

• A Doctor’s Note or Prescription stating that they recommend the use of medical cannabis which needs to be dated and signed by a physician. This can also include your diagnosis or ailment(s) as well.

• You may provide a prescription or prescription list (generally one from your pharmacy) that verifies what medications you are currently taking for your ailment(s) or diagnosis that you wish to use medicinal marijuana for.

(Please note: Prescriptions must be valid from 1.5 – 2 years from today’s date or a future date).

- We DO NOT ACCEPT pill bottles as a form of documentation)

• If you currently carry a Marijuana License through Health Canada (MMPR or MMAR). This needs to be the official form or card that we are able to scan. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• If you are registered with a Licensed Producer. We need your official approval letter or card that we are able to scan. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• We are also able to accept other forms of documentation such as, paperwork from a WCB or Disability Claim, X-ray/Operative Reports/MRI reports or documents from the BC Cancer Agency.

You may print off the Member Application Form and Code of Conduct Form and bring them in completed to the nearest Starbuds Location along with your medical documents to the nearest Starbuds location near you.

You may also complete the online member application below, attach the required documents and review our Code of Conduct in order to become a member.

Please note: We require government-issued photo ID for all members such as a driver’s license, health care card with picture, status card or passport photo that we are able to either scan, attach to your file through email or that you’ve attached to our online application. We do not accept photocopy’s or other forms of I.D. that does not contain your photo.

Option #2: By booking an appointment with our Health Professional(s) for a Questionnaire Review.

We have Health Professionals who will review a Health Questionnaire with you and after the review has taken place, you will know if you are approved or not to become a member with Starbuds.

Please note: Approval is dependent on each person individually, some may take more review than others and approval may not be granted in some cases.

Our Health Questionnaire will need to be completed before your appointment occurs. You will have to obtain the Questionnaire prior to your appointment from the Starbuds location you wish to go to or arrive to your appointment 15 minutes’ prior in order to complete the Questionnaire.

Please note: If you apply online to become a member, you can attach your I.D. or bring it in with you before your appointment.

Please note: You can book a Health Professional Review online which is prompted after you complete the online application form. Please make sure you choose the proper Starbuds location you wish to go to and the time you want. Or you may call the Starbuds location you wish to go to and make an appointment over the phone.

Option #3: Notarized Declaration to use Medical Marijuana

Please note: If you decide to choose this option, it will be up to you, the potential member, to find a Notary, inquire about costs and what else you may need to have the form notarized.

You may either print the form below named "Notary Authorization Doc." or go into any Starbuds location to obtain the form, take this form to the nearest Notary Public, complete it in person, in front of the Notary, have it Notarized and this will be an acceptable form which will gain you quick access to become a member with Starbuds.

Please note: We will keep a copy for our records and the original form will be returned back to you. There will be a cost associated to have this document notarized which may vary at different locations.

Keep in mind, that if you are visiting, here for a short-stay or want to have the STARBUDS experience, keep in mind that all Starbuds locations will allow a person(s) to come and purchase/browse if you have a dispensary card from another location (Most dispensary cards are accepted). This card MUST be with/on you and you MUST have proper government-issued photo I.D. As a visitor, you are allowed up to 3 visits, but would be happy to have you become a member with us, if you proceed with any of the above mentioned options!

Medical Marijuana - Member Application Form

Online Applications
(Choose your closest Starbuds Location)
your first name
Middle Initial or name
your last name
Street Address
city you live in
ie. V1Z 3L1
ie. xxx-xxx-xxxx
Medicinal Marijuana Access Regulation #
Medical Conditions and Symptoms:
ie. Your Doctor
Street Address if known
City your doctor is in
Postal code If Known
ie. How Long Using
ie. How Long using as medicine
ie. how effective
ie. How Much & How Often
(the person who escorts/supports you, if applicable)


Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 10MB
Government issued Photo ID - (If you do not have the ability to submit your ID you can bring it with you to the store for your appointment)
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 10MB
Medical Doctor Diagnosis Form - (If you do not have the ability to submit the required medical forms or need to obtain one you can bring it with you to the store for your appointment)
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Maximum upload size: 10MB
Any Applicable MMAR Forms

I hearby declare that the information stated above is factual.

enter the date you signed this document
Once you press the submit button you will be taken to our Appointments booking page to book your own appointment. please choose the service for the closest location to you. i.e. Choose Kelowna In-House Consultation if Kelowna Location is closest to your home. Our available appointment times change depending on location, we try to supply two days per week for consultation appointments.
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